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Savor the delicate flavor of The Discovery Tea Company's finest green teas.  We source premium quality teas from all over the world.  Explore the difference between a pan fried Chinese green tea versus a steamed Japanese.
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ORGANIC SENCHA HOJICHA 4 oz. White Eagle Long Life
Our Price: $8.50
Uncompromising in quality this Organic Sencha has flat large full leaves with a grassy scent. Brewed tea has a yellow green with a light brown tint and a grassy flavor with mild astringency.

From the first tea leaf steeped in hot water there have been discoveries in tea. Hojicha is one of the bolder experiments. During the 1920's a tea master in Kyoto, Japan innovated a new method of producing tea. The traditional method of steaming is still used in most Japanese teas today. Instead, Hojicha is manufactured by baking newly plucked leaves in a porcelain bowl over a charcoal fire. The end result, green and brown variegated leaves with a grassy toasted flavor that is low in caffeine. Tea brews a reddish tan and due to lower caffeine is a preferred tea for after dinner, children and the elderly.

White Eagle Long Life is a Mao Feng style green tea that produces champagne colored full rounded cup flavored with honey like sweetness, mild astringency and hints of orchid. Manufacture of Mao Feng teas is one of the oldest styles in China and is considered to be one of their three celebrated teas. Due to this distinction, manufacture techniques are heavily regulated to ensure authenticity in every sip.

Our Price: $20.00
Share the gift of a cup of tea with the recipient in mind.  Choice of three tea tins weighing a 2.7 oz in a luxurious presentation box.  For the romantic, we have The Love Brews Sampler pairing Chocolate and Roses, Two Doves white tea, and Cream Earl Grey.  Earl Grey lovers gravitate towards the Feeling Cheerful and Grey Sampler featuring Merry Christa's, Captain Grey's Breakfast Blend and Earl Grey.  Finally we have the Discovery Tea Sample highlighting our best selling house blends Merry Christa's Holiday Blend, Astoria Column Herbal and The Commodore's Green Tea.