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Uncompromising in quality this Organic Sencha has flat large full leaves with a grassy scent. Brewed tea has a yellow green with a light brown tint and a grassy flavor with mild astringency.

From the first tea leaf steeped in hot water there have been discoveries in tea. Hojicha is one of the bolder experiments. During the 1920's a tea master in Kyoto, Japan innovated a new method of producing tea. The traditional method of steaming is still used in most Japanese teas today. Instead, Hojicha is manufactured by baking newly plucked leaves in a porcelain bowl over a charcoal fire. The end result, green and brown variegated leaves with a grassy toasted flavor that is low in caffeine. Tea brews a reddish tan and due to lower caffeine is a preferred tea for after dinner, children and the elderly.