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While The Discovery Tea Company is not currently certified Organic as we grown it is a goal we are aiming for.  We think it is important to note those teas that are farmed and processed to certified Organic standards.  We have chosen only those organic teas that meet similar quality standards as our estate grown non-certified teas.  Choosing Organic should not mean choosing lesser quality.
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ORGANIC SENCHA 4 oz Organic Ceylon 4 oz Pai Mu Tan
Our Price: $8.50
Our Price: $10.00
Uncompromising in quality this Organic Sencha has flat large full leaves with a grassy scent. Brewed tea has a yellow green with a light brown tint and a grassy flavor with mild astringency.

This classic Ceylon with delicate floral notes comes from Ceylon also called Sri Lanka, brews a light liquor. Pai Mu Tan is one of the highest and most expensive grades of white tea available.  Unlike other teas, Pai Mu Tan comes from a varietal of the tea plant called the Narcissus or chaicha bush.  Although the leaves appear green, this is a white tea because they're naturally withered and dried in the sun or baked in a process that keeps the leaves at a temperature less than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  Additionally, only the two leaves closest to the bud and the bud are gathered to make Pai Mu Tan.  Lastly, leaf color is important.  Plucked leaves must be a light green almost grey white color and be cover with a velvet down similar to peach fuzz.  Plucking conditional may be perfect but there's still room for error in the process of making this tea.  If the grower withers the tea in too hot of conditions, the leaves become reddish.  Too cold, and they turn blackish. Our Pai Mu Tan, like Goldilocks's porridge is just right.  The perfect greenish grey leaves brew a slightly pale cup of tea with a fresh aroma and delicate jammy notes.