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4 oz Pai Mu Tan THREE TEA SAMPLER 4 oz 2 Doves Silver Needle white tea
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $21.00
Pai Mu Tan is one of the highest and most expensive grades of white tea available.  Unlike other teas, Pai Mu Tan comes from a varietal of the tea plant called the Narcissus or chaicha bush.  Although the leaves appear green, this is a white tea because they're naturally withered and dried in the sun or baked in a process that keeps the leaves at a temperature less than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  Additionally, only the two leaves closest to the bud and the bud are gathered to make Pai Mu Tan.  Lastly, leaf color is important.  Plucked leaves must be a light green almost grey white color and be cover with a velvet down similar to peach fuzz.  Plucking conditional may be perfect but there's still room for error in the process of making this tea.  If the grower withers the tea in too hot of conditions, the leaves become reddish.  Too cold, and they turn blackish. Our Pai Mu Tan, like Goldilocks's porridge is just right.  The perfect greenish grey leaves brew a slightly pale cup of tea with a fresh aroma and delicate jammy notes. Share the gift of a cup of tea with the recipient in mind.  Choice of three tea tins weighing a 2.7 oz in a luxurious presentation box.  For the romantic, we have The Love Brews Sampler pairing Chocolate and Roses, Two Doves white tea, and Cream Earl Grey.  Earl Grey lovers gravitate towards the Feeling Cheerful and Grey Sampler featuring Merry Christa's, Captain Grey's Breakfast Blend and Earl Grey.  Finally we have the Discovery Tea Sample highlighting our best selling house blends Merry Christa's Holiday Blend, Astoria Column Herbal and The Commodore's Green Tea. 2 Doves silver needle is a premium tea bud only white tea from Fuding county in the province of Fujian, China. Legend tells of a tea grower named Fuding Da Hao and his family who were indebted to a local mercenary to provide protection for them. The mercenary gave the family one year to pay the debt or he would claim Fuding Da Hao's daughter. After a few weeks of praying both the grower and his wife had the same dream. A pair of doves would appear on a farm gate. The couple should follow the doves deep into the woods where they would find land with a variety of undiscovered wild tea. From these bushes they were to pluck only the downy white tips. If they processed these in a special new style they would make enough to save their daughter. The next morning Fuding Da Hao and his wife went to the gate followed the instructions and found their tea. Three days later after processing the tea, they went to market and in one day made enough to save their daughter. It is said the silvery white buds in 2 Doves resembles dove's wings.